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ASDI Offers the
Freespira Breathing System for Panic Disorder
(originally called Canary) 




ASDI is one of a select group of clinical sites now offering the Freespira Breathing System. This new FDA-cleared, respiratory biofeedback treatment is specifically designed for panic disorder. Use of the Freespira Breathing System no longer requires a physician's prescription.  It will require rental of equipment for one month directly from Palo Alto Health Sciences, Inc., supervision by a Freespira trained ASDI therapist, and a commitment to do two 17-minute, at-home biofeedback sessions daily for one month. Please note that ASDI has no financial interest in this product; but, we are pleased to offer this new treatment for panic disorder in addition to our usual CBT/ACT-based approach. Several of our patients have found it quite beneficial.


You can learn more about the Freespira Breathing System here:


You can learn more about Palo Alto Health Sciences, Inc. here:


You can hear ASDI's own Carl Robbins, LCPC, interviewed about Freespira here:

(Use password to watch video: breatheeasy)

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